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  1. "Horstmar Expo 2011 album" finally posted and what I have been up to.

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    Hey Everybody, have been up to my ears in work....
    ... finally I found time to post Expo Album as I had promised a while back.
    We all hope you enjoy looking at them! There are more to come, asa I get them ok'd by the tatters.

    Am currently writing and of course creating the graphical and written patterns for 3 books.
    One of which is about Art Nouveaux and Art Deco tatting... style is very different from regular "White ...
  2. The work I do

    Yes , that is exactly what I do...converting old text patterns into graphical patterns (diagrams) besides my own patterns. I also do graphics for other authors.
    while working with old publications, i often found mistakes, in the written pattern and or confusing terminology.... same stitches have different names all over, due to author,time,place,country, language.
    A lot of germans don't like written patterns, because of that and all the language confusion on top.
    graphical patterns ...
  3. Thanks for the great response to my album

    ..... and your compliments.
    None were posted to my blog though...all picture comments, which I replied to the same way.
    Was not aware of this possibility , before I started this blog for tis exact purpose.... and learn!...
  4. Hi everybody

    I joined recently and finally found time to upload the first pics of my album.....
    I mainly work and design my own patterns in size 80
    Am interested in your opinions, since I am often pressed for time, I am not online much to chat, but in due time, even I respond to mail and notes am always willing to share my experiences and knowledge.
    More pictures will follow, these are of my latest work.....the last 2 years I spent daily on those panels, which measure 1,15 m x 0,5 m