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Fiona T

Teaching Tatting...reveiwing my own attempts

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Hi All,
I have been on holiday for a week or so, but am back at the blog again. I think with my work and study commitments for the forseeable future I will try to blog on this site each fortnight. Also think about liking the facebook page (link is at the blog), as we are heading towards 100 likers and I will draw another random giveaway at 100!
Thanks for your ongoing support of my craft obsession
Fiona T
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  1. GraceT's Avatar
    I've only taught informally, one-on-one. But, my latest student was left-handed. On the fly, I taught her by showing her what I usually do and telling her to mirror it. I am wondering whether this was a good thing to do, and what other right-handed teachers do when teaching lefties.

    (My student did get the flip! I put this down to her innate talent, though, rather than to my teaching.)
  2. Fiona T's Avatar
    Yes Grace, It reminds me that simply being good at something doesn't make you a good teacher. You need to rethink how you do something and break it down into easy components to be able to teach the skill. Always learning!