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Thread: wrinkled aida cloth

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I do various crafts-crocheting, plastic canvas, embroidery and counted cross stitch. I have a problem with some of my aida cloth. It was bought folded in a package and I'm having difficulty getting the creases out. I have tried steam pressing, damp pressing, wet pressing and have used downy's wrinkle releaser on it. I washed it first and think I made the problem worse. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I would try Best Press by Mary Ellen's Company. You will find it in sewing and quilt stores. I've seen it do some remarkable things - good luck!
    Best Stitches to you!, gina Butler in OKC

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    Spray with a weak vinegar solution usually works for me. Can't give you a formula. Like lots of things, I wing it when I use it. Just test a corner to check for color change. This works the other way too. Dampen a cloth with the solution and use to press in a crease.

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    Thanks for your good advice. I decided to re-wash the aida cloths (I have 2) and added 1 cup of vinegar to the detergent, also used 2 caps of fabric softener. I partially dried them on low, took them out of the dryer damp and steam ironed them with a piece of old sheet covering them. They now look great. Think the vinegar really helped. Thanks again.

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